Bikini Design: “A sexy novelty”

The new trend launched in the United States has arrived exclusively at the wellness Center of the Grand Hotel Baia Verde in Catania. . It is known as the “bikini design”, an embellishment technique for the mound of Venus with appliqués, rhinestones and crystal. This style, launched last summer by Jennifer Love Hewitt of Ghost Whisperer has been followed by celebrities such as Kathy Griffin, along with many others who wish to experiment the latest fashion trend.
The session is divided into two phases:
1) depilation in the area that will undergo the treatment which can be either total, partial or in a definite form.
2) application of decorations: crystals, rhinestones and various other elements are arranged in such a way as to form or enhance a design.
It is guaranteed to last between 5 to 15 days. The price varies according to the type of design and application.
The result is an intimate area that is depilated, sexy, and covered with decorations.

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"Bikini Design: “A sexy novelty”"