Magic Hands: “a sweet honey treatment dedicated to the hands”

Guidelines and features: for the treatment of dry hands and inelastic skin that is cracked, dehydrated, stressed and with spots.
Features: natural exfoliation, nourishment. Shalaq nail polish: “a semi-permanent nail polish that is dried using UV lamps”.
Shalaq is a new beauty technique for the hands ideal for women who wish to have beautiful hands without having to always repair ruined nail polish or undergo any reconstruction of the nails.
This is a new gel composition, highly elastic and shiny, which is applied to the nails like a traditional polish and fixed thanks to the catalyzing effects of the UV rays just like in the reconstruction of nails. Colors available range from classic basic colors to bright trendy colors.
Advantages – this product has many strengths: firstly, it is very strong and lasts longer than the traditional polish and maintains the luster of the color, whereas tradition polish tends to turn opaque. Furthermore, this semi-permanent polish (shalaq) is a lot less invasive compared to gels and does not damage the nails in any way.
How long it lasts – Shalaq lasts a lot longer than traditional nail polish: on the hands it lasts about 3 to 4 weeks according to the circumstances, while on the feet it can last up to a month.

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"Magic Hands: “a sweet honey treatment dedicated to the hands”"