Cranial Massage: Gentle acupressure and lymphatic drainage

The massage indicated for the treatment of all disorders that are related to the head.
The cranial massage is a true rehabilitation to the cranial made up of manipulations. It begins with the awakening of the head through the reopening of the cranial sutures and then followed by a micropressure massage on the shoulders, trapezius and the neck area, using Potalis and small sticks of wood. The massage combines delicate finger pressure on the cervical spine and the temporal occipital region and the front of the cranial. With just the right maneuvers, it aims at restoring the correct posture of the spine and neck. In addition, the face is treated with gentle movements, tapping and lymphatic maneuvers.
The cranial massage is indicated for the treatment of all disorders that are related to the head (migraine, headache, and mental and nervous problems), eyes, nose, throat, ears and neck. Its aim is to relax the face and the contractions that occur on the smooth and striated muscles caused by stress and always being in an incorrect position (for example: in front of a computer).
Fact: If one exercises regularly, it not only helps to detoxify and improve eyesight and memory; but thanks to the deep oxygenization to the skin, the cranial massage stimulates and awakens the activity of the hair follicles and encourages hair growth, proving effective for both men and women.
Duration: 30 minutes
To conclude the cranial massage, one can choose to experience the . Shirodhara Treatment.

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