Intense Pulsed Light and Photo rejuvenation

Pulsated light destroys the hair follicle by using energy that is converted into heat. The thermal energy is absorbed by the melanin of the hair reaching the hair bulb which is destroyed so that the hair no longer grows back (permanent hair removal). The treatment leads to a substantial reduction in the number of hairs and a slowdown in the regrowth, which is more evident and efficient with hairs that are dark and thick, since they constitute as being larger cosmetic problems. Since hairs are not all in the same phase of growth, it may be necessary to carry out more sessions, every 30 – 40 days, to have the possibility to capture the follicle in its germinating phase, when it is most sensitive to thermal destruction.
Photo rejuvenation is pulsed lighting that uses light energy to effectively reduce the signs of aging, particularly in the face and neck area.

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